July TBR🎇

Today’s post is going to be a short one, and so is this months tbr. I had quite a long list for June and only finished a fraction of it, so for this month I thought I would keep it short and sweet, and then just add more later if I finish the list🤪

The three books on my July tbr are “Me and Earl and the dying girl” by Jesse Andrews and “The breakdown” by B.A Paris from my June tbr (whoops) and “Meet cute” by Armentrout et. al. I’m really looking forward to reading these, especially meet cute which I picked up while in London 😁

How’s your summer going? Have you read anything fun? 📖 And have your read any of the books on my list? 📚

I’m also on Instagram if you want to keep up with my reading, everything book related really, and my blog post updates!


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  1. Good luck with the TBR and happy reading!

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  2. Marie says:

    Ahh Meet Cute! This book sounds adorable and I have heard great things about it – I hope you’ll love it 🙂 Happy reading 😀

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    1. Hette says:

      So have I! Thank you and to you too💕

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  3. I’m really curious about Meet Cute! I don’t read a lot of anthologies, but if they’re cutesy stories, then I’m interested. ♥ New follower, Hette! ^_^

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    1. Hette says:

      I’ll keep you posted😃 Thank you so much! That means a lot💕


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