Christmas spirit in a book❄️

I’ve actually started being excited for Christmas already. It comes in waves of memory flashes of last Christmases and the promise of a new one. Snow falling slowly from the sky, hot chocolate and a good book, sitting under a cozy blanket. Christmas lights and a Christmas tree!! And sadly, I’ve never found this feeling in a book. The good feeling of Christmas spirit? Never found a really good book with the Christmas theme either!! I remember trying and failing with Mistletoe not required by Anne Oliver, and for me it was a bust. Had nothing to do with Christmas really..

So this years challenge is to find one. Granted I won’t start yet, but I was hoping you could help me!! If you’ve ever read a book that gave you the feeling of Christmas or just a great feeling in general and it was about Christmas! Please share it with me!! I would love to know!! I only have one book that really gave me that feeling, and it isn’t a novel or anything. It was Tanya’s Christmas: make, bake and celebrate by Tanya Burr 🎄 I read it last Christmas and it gave me the best feeling. I remember sitting in the living room alone one early morning and reading through it, and it gave me a great feeling of CHRISTMAS!!

So my plan is that, closer to Christmas I will be trying to find a few books like this. That oozes Christmas 🙈 And I will be searching (with your help hopefully) and adding to my tbr, christmassy books I think will do the trick. And then when December approaches I’ll make a Christmas tbr and see if I find the essence of Christmas in a book!!

Are you with me??

So if you have any recommendations?? Or just any suggestions really!! I would love to hear them💕🎄

As always you can find me on Instagram if you want to keep up with everything book related 😊


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